Carpet Chameleons - Specialty care?


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Hello everyone, I think I may pick up some carpet chams from kingsnake or a reputable breeder if I can find some healthy captive breed ones.

I am just curious about their basic info, and there seems to be many locales and or species of carpets out there so I am kind of confused.

Honestly I am surprised how little I know about them as they are very pretty.

If anyone would enlighten me a little on them, a nice species/locale that are stunners, I would really appreciate it!

Thanks and have a good day!


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I'm most confused as I have seen people say carpets live 1-3 years then some 5-8 years old. I may be confusing the lateralis with the furcifer carpets but I'm not positive.


These guys can be kept and bred the same way as pardalis. They do need a lot of plant cover as they r a very shy species and don't like being handled. lateralis lateralis r renowned for scattering clutches but if keep on full substrate the females will get the idea and successfully dig and lay. the males can show very intense colouration when displaying.
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