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Hello I'm just wondering what would be the best screen cage size for carpet chameleon? And is it true that carpet chameleon tend to live shorter than the other chameleon? Are they hard to care? I'm just a newbie and I researching first before I buy my first chameleon for this coming reptile expo here in Calgary Canada and this carpet chameleon picks my attention because I want to start in small species of chameleon (not the pygmy). And by the way can you suggest more small species of chameleons? (other than carpet and pygmy).

Thank you in advance for the replies! Cheers! :)
From what I know, Carpets have short life spans in the wild, but in captivity can live as long as 5 years. Their care is roughly that of other small chameleons. A bit cooler, less supplementation than Veiled or Panthers.

I have a tiny little Fischers. He's about 3 inches snout to vent. (He's captive bred, just about a year old) I know there are small Jacksons.

If you want a small animal I think you'd be better off taking to a breeder directly. You need to be sure that what you get is going to stay small. Not all Fischers and Jacksons are small.
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