Carpet chameleon Juvies


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That last picture looks just like 2 of my females. My male is all tans and browns. The 4 baby is green and only changes when she is happy- for Bertha- that is any time she eats. Her full name is big Bertha. These little ones are so fun. They are always on the move. I sure amy glad I got them from you, they add a lot of enjoyment to my days.


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Thanks Jann. I am never without babies. One of Rosie's babies popped out last night...

I'm so happy they're doing well Laurie. You'll be getting more soon. :)



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carpet chameleon

Im new to this forum but am trying to find a carpet chameleon. I would love to somehow go direct through a reputable breeder. The reason i jumped into this thread was the pictures i saw. Dooley1 would you or anyone you know be able to point me in the right direction. The pictures in this thread are awesome.
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