Can young vieleds live together in a 18x18x36?

Hello first of all MERRY CHRISTMAS!! and a happy new year. Well i have a young female veiled of 5 months old and i was wonder could i house 2 veileds? i wanted to buy a male veiled but hes 4 months old so i dont really know they are both small i havnt bought the male yet and yes i do know that i will have to seperate them when they are older but could i housed them both together at a young age? thank you very much!!.
No, veileds can only be housed together until 4 to 8 weeks old. At that age he would try to mate with her and it would be bad news for her to have a clutch that young.
you have any ideas couse my parents want to buy the cham for some reason since i told my parents constantly i dont want anything for christmas but they insist =p
5 months is a bit old. Usually all need to be separated by 3 months except for the smallest ones. They may start to bully eachother by 3 months
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