Can you save feeders?


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I was just curious if you can save feeders overnight that are dusted and use them the next day? I'm trying to start feeding my cham from a feeder cup so they are easier to remove from the cage for bed time. I have his cup kinda tucked in some branches and he seemed to eat a couple crickets today. I know they like to hunt but I hate trying to find the dubias I sometimes put in there and disturb him more than just taking out the cup. Thank you to all replies!!


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I feed mine crickets most the time. I only put 5-7 in there per night so I don't have to get in there and get the ones out that she doesn't eat. I wouldn't see why you couldn't save them for the next night. you might have to dust them a little more again before you feed again. I'm sure some of the powder will fall off.


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And I think I have that same feeding cup lol. I got mine on amazon. I use mine for when she gets super worm treats :)
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