Can you mix calcium powder with water?

Rango black

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My 3 month old male chameleon hasn't eaten in a week and in top of that worry I'm worried about him not getting his calcium, just wondered if I mixed it with water would it be okay to consume it by drinking it?
Yes. Can do. But I would be more worried about your little guy not eating in a week. When they are that small they should be eating a lot daily.

Can you please fill out the help form?
It's ok if you are dripping the water into his mouth. If you plan to spray him remember they use water to clean their eyes.
Okay, thanks for your help. I've asked for advice on the not eating thing on another thread and filled the questions out. He stopped eating for 2 days then he shed and 3 days since he shed he still won't eat. Lot of people saying its normal when shedding but I'm not convinced.
Chances are your calcium powder is calcium carbonate, which needs a relatively acidic environment to dissolve. It will just clump up in water into a sort of cement that can cause impaction. You can buy a liquid calcium supplement with a dropper. I would go with that.
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