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Hello all!
Well I was hoping some on the forums could help me identify this bug *Cough, Lizardlover, cough* :D, and inform me if it able to be fed to the chams. I see these all of the time this time of year, and I figured they'd be good to feed, if they are safe.



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haha, well Its definetly a "true bug"(shielded insects), a lot will release a defensive liquid that smells horrible, and can be irritating (hence the name stink bug) I would pick one up and play around with it to see if it lets out that foul odor, if not its probably safe to feed off. You can never be too safe, I normally discard them when I catch them in my nets, but have witnessed my outdoor chams eating them when they get in the cages.
When I got my first cham a couple weeks ago I had a plant on my kitchen table for his enclosure, while I was tweeking it I had him in the plant and out of the corner of my eye I saw him shoot him tongue at something, low and behold he found a stinkbug in that plant, later on I saw he found another so I guess he liked it, although if I had my choice I would not have given it to him because you never know if wild caught bugs have parasites in them
I would pass on that one. I had a female panther that shot and tried to eat a bug exactly like that. She shot and after the first comp she spit it out and sat there with her eyes shut and her mouth open for 5 minutes . When I inspected the now crushed bug I smelled a very nasty smell coming from the bug.....and it obviously didn't taste good.

The female recovered from her nasty meal and I gave her a super worm to wash the taste out of her mouth
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