can the chameleon reserve sperm?


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my veiled chameleon laid eggs two months this two months she was not mating.but she laid eggs again! to my surprise the eggs were fertilization about 2/3.
can you tell me the chameleon if have reserve sperm?
dose the panther have too?
sorry ,my englise is not good~


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Yes, chameleons can retain sperm even after laying a couple of fertile clutches. However, the more clutches she has on retained sperm, the less likely the eggs will be fertile.


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Yes, chameleons can lay eggs with never being mated and they also can lay more than one fertile clutch from one mating.


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if your chameleon was never with a male then the eggs cannot be fertilizied. edit! oops I misunderstood the question!!!!!


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i am so sorry ! ~~~

i say chams can save sperm

and many species of lizard can save sperm too.


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you mean she has the more sperm.the egg the less be fertilizied?????
how many times your chameleon mate?if she want to mate ,she mates 3times one week.every time mate one or two hour.
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