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Hey so here is my new little chameleon. i have had it for almost two weeks now. i got him from backwater reptiles, a place where i will never order another thing from ever again and advise everyone else to do the same, long story. But the main question i have, Is it a male or female? i was told it was a male but they don't guarantee sexes. Also does anyone have any thoughts on what he/she will look like when older? And lastly How healthy does he/she look in everyones opinion? it's my first cham and it is active and eats and drinks fine. Might need to eat more in my opinion it looks a little skinny. ive been free roaming its food but I think I'm going to start cup feeding so I know exactly its intake. Thanks to everyone in advance :)


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I believe you have a male. Did the breeder not tell you the local? If indeed you have a male when he's older you should be able to tell the local. If it's a female it's pretty much impossible.
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