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Alright so I met my local guy who can sell me a few chameleons out of his collection and, well, I really can't make up my mind. I need your opinions.

I have the choice between at Nosy Be or a Blue Bar Ambilobe. Their both males.

Here's my experience:
The nosy be was really gentle, not too whiny and had a really impressive color change when I picked him up and looked at him. Seemed like a nice cham, average looking male Nosy Be with a little red in him.

The Blue Bar Ambilobe was beauuutiful. Astounding colors in him and wasn't too fat. But the Ambilobe was quite frighten by me reaching in and grabbing him, took me a while. Once I got him he was climbing all over my trying to get off and back to his terrarium.

I know I shouldn't even be handling them in the first place, I wont once I get them, but the mood of the blue bar kind of set me off.

I just dont know which one to take, their both the same price and I really cant makeup my mind. Give me your inputs. please and thank you
I'd go with the Nosy... Even though most people say they are "hands off" pets, it would be nice to have one that doesn't mind being handled. As long as he is okay with it and doesn't stress him out, handling would be okay. :) Nosey Be's are BEAUTIFUL in my opinion. Pictures would be awesome if you can get them. :D

Get ready for lots more input on the handling thing... :p
Remember, you are a stranger. They recognize people, and you were a new scary monster. He may not behave like that with his owner, and could settle down once he realizes you aren't a threat. The nosy be could always switch up his temperament as well. They react differently to strangers in my experience.

Edit: Forgot to say, they may recognize two eyes facing them as predatory eyes (they tune both eyes onto the prey when hunting.) This may also change their temperament at the time. They both could have been scared out of their minds but reacted differently.
I'm drooling over the idea of having that dilemma. I would of course go for the nosey be because they are my favorite. Have you considered free ranging them? Since it seems you want to be able to handle them, you may look into that.
Alright so here are the pictures of my two options I want:

Their both 300.

Oh and by the way, whats free ranging? Just letting your cham loose in the house?


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not exactly. I thought Free Ranging (FR) was just letting your cham run wherever he wishes. Infact, no they have a designated area that is chameleon proof. After you convert them over you will see they become much more easy to handle. It takes a while and you must go slow for them to adjust. Look at my setup for a visual.
It is not a given that your animal with become tolerant of handling at all. Do not believe that. While it is true, many have become more tolerant of people and handling, many have also not changed much if at all. My veiled for example is normally a tough guy, throwing mock strikes at me and occasionally attempting to actually bite me. I put him in a free range, he was dark the whole week or so I had him in there. He would run away from me as opposed to standing his ground, and he generally looked miserable. I put him back in his cage BAM normal old light colored guy again. I have also had my Sambava male panther become tolerant of handling while he was housed in a cage. At one point he began to seek out handling so I started to free range him. This was all after about 6-9 months (I think) of pretty much leaving him alone except to feed, water, and the Occational health check (maybe two times a month.)

Don't get your hopes up about free ranging.
I had one more question for all of you.
Where I'm buying the chameleon from its a good 30-40 minute drive away.
What the least stressful way to bring him for the trip without doing damage?

p.s. Please dont say "bring a terrarium" or somthing along those lines because my setup is 6' tall.

p.p.s. I think im getting the Blue Bar.
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