can i use these ?


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hi all i am new here and i have a baby male veiled stix who is getting a cage upgrade next thursday to a 38 gal reptarium and i wanted to add a few plants these are a few nice ones i saw but no sure if i can use them they are dwarf umbrella tree, a small bamboo, a small palm, and a peony thanx all for ur help
I would try to stick to these three trees: Ficus Benjimina, Pothos, and Hibiscus. The Hibiscus grows really nice flowers and they are good for your cham if they eat the flowers. The Ficus is real hardy. But if you happen to break of a branch, it will leak out a white puss that is mildly toxic to your cham. They will eat the leaves too. The pothos is a good hanging plant if you need to increase foliage at the top of the cage. The umbrella plant is okay. I've seen it in alot of cages. They will offer a lot of space to help hide your cham.
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