can I mix 5.0 uvb and 10.0 uvb?


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I have a big cage and the uvb doesnt cover a lot of it. I have a 5.0 uvb light and a 10.0 uvb light and i was wondering if i can mix them together?
Just remember that you don't want the UVB to hit every part of the cage. They need to be able to go in and out of it at their will. Do you have a UVB meter? If not, it is a good investment so that you know if they are getting good enough UVB. I just got mine and it made me feel better knowing that his basking area and a little bit of the other area he likes to hang out have enough UVB for him. This way every month I can also test and know if my bulb is still good as UVB bulbs do only last so long.
Oh man, I forgot to answer the question though as well. Yes, you can use both, but the amount of UVB is important so you might not need to is what I was getting at.
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