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can chams remember and recognize stuff?

let me explain. I have a female panther. and normaly I let her free range for about 3 or 4 hrs a day. well yesterday she free ranged for around 6 hr's. well apparently she fell out of her umbrella tree and I wasn't there to help her.

well ever since then she has been very very angry when she see's me even tries to lunge at my face. yesterday I had to use a towel to pick her up. boy did she bite the crap ola out of it and shook it around like a dog in a dog fight.

she still lets me hand feed her. but refuses to let me touch her. I feel so bad because if I was there when she fell out of her tree I would have helped her.

what can I do to make her happier?

I believe my chameleon hates me now!

she is even very upset with my son and my fiance! :(
Well it is hard to say why she suddenly turned on you but I doubt it has anything to do with her being mad about falling! I mean was she overly friendly before the fall?.
Well it is hard to say why she suddenly turned on you but I doubt it has anything to do with her being mad about falling! I mean was she overly friendly before the fall?.

I has nothing to do with falling. She didn't expect you to be there for her and doesn't resent you now. More likely she's upset or worried about something new in the room or feeling her hormones. How old is she?
Wow, sorry to hear that. But I do think they reconize us as there (keeper) or which ever you want to say it. Cause mine acts different to me than when we have company over the house that he doesnt know. Now I dont think she remembers that you were not there to help her. Maybe it is a "Mood" thing. Sorry that happen.
IMHO they recognize not only their keeper but the water bottle and the feeding container.

I totally agree and believe mine knows me. i think if you did something deliberately to hurt or harm your chameleon they may remember that, but not in the case of him falling and you not being there.
LOL i think they do. Ellie likes me over my wife. think it's due to me being the first one to pick her up at the pet store. She also knows what the meal worm containers look like and gose nuts when I get them out to feed her or to check on the worm farm. Ive tryed to upload some pics of her going crazy at feeding time but with no luck.
Wait, if u wasnt there to help ur cham, how do u know she fell off?
I found her walking around on the floor!

she finally let me pick her up to check her out. she has a small bruse. while I had her out I gave her some crickets. she loves it when I feed her. i put her on my shirt and she leaned into me. poor boo boo. she spent some time on her umbrella tree with supervision of course. she took some droplets of water from a suringe. she's still upset thou. keeps getting real mad when someone comes near her.

I am gonna take her and have her checked out at the vet just incase she hurt something. I would better be safe than sorry.
UPDATE: i took boo boo to the vet. vet checked her out and said she is ok. vet said she's healthy and that he thinks that she just busied herself. also vet said since arizona is so dry that he would recommend a humidifier in the cage along with mistings. and a dripper. I asked him how to accomplish better humidity and she said get a household humidifier and set it by or in the cage. I am not sure I like the in the cage thing. I did get a household humidifier. althou I have several zoo med ones.

so now the adventure starts with making a hose for the humidifier

I don't understand why she would need such a big humidifier! I am guessing that its because I free range her during the day and the humidity is so low in az. any helpful info,tips and suggestions would be great.

I am thinkin I should just build her a nice big cage like our veiled has. and do a controlled Enviroment.

I do Like letting her hang out in her tree with out a cage thou. I feel its more natural than being locked up all the time!
im glad to hear its just brusied i hope you figure out a good was to keep her without cageing her i understand that keeping her caged up sucks.
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