Can Chameleons Swim????

Q. Can Chameleons Swim?

A. All signs point to No.
I have heard they can float but only for as long as they can hold their breath. I am not sure I would call that swimming.
I was going to make a joke about this quote first...i agree jordan..def not

I just tossed a bunch of pygmies in the bath tub and they did this remarkable synchronized swimming bit.

Sorry … couldn’t resist. :rolleyes:

And then I read roos post and just lost it...:D

But if I was to make an educated guess..I would say I dont think so..there legs and feet are not really adapted for swimming. They only like to be on branches. The salt water Iguana(did I spell that right)..has webs in its feet..I def dont think they can swim..but what do I just taking a guess..:)
Actually, yes, some can. Calumma hilleniusi is known to actively cross streams while hunting. There are photos of them swimming in Necas' book as well as a pic of one feeding while partially submerged in the water. Also, consider this photo:

Its an unusual behavior and not many species are known to do it but a couple do...

Chris...I'm glad you posted that. I was looking for it and couldn't find where I have read it....and I couldn't remember which species it was either.
I can never find that bit of info in the Necas book even though I KNOW its in there. Though I don't remember it actually talking about swimming outright, I had thought it spoke of attempting to cross waterways. Can anyone give a page #?

Its mentioned in a photo blurb on page 288 in the second edition. It doesn't discuss the stroke they use but the photo is fairly evident that some form of swimming occurs.

Well I learned something new … I had to do a double take on that pic. It looked like a cham sitting on a rock … BFD … then I realized it was under water.

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