can a chameleon go in a tank


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Glass aquariums are not the proper homes for chameleons. A tall screen enclosure is. Chameleons need upward climbing space and proper ventilation, a glass aquarium can't provide this.


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When its young, it should be okay. As they get bigger, like 5 inches or more, I would get a screen enclosure. Also, look up a conversion kit. I saw them at a reptile show once. Its calked a Jungle kit conversion or something like that. Just google aquarium conversion, it should pop up.


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hi my name is jackson and i was wondering if a velid chameleon could go in a 60 gallon aquarium tank thanks:confused:

A normal unmodified glass fish You would have to provide more air exchange and will have problems with stagnant air, too much heat from lighting, build ups of bacteria and molds if it stays too humid. Also, providing enough space for live potted plants will be harder in that sort of space. You will be better off with a partially screened vivarium or a screen cage.
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