Camo eating a cricket ( no tounge )


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ok so i just got a small little sony HD camcorder and i am trying i out. i decided to take a clip of Camo my approx 9month old veiled eating a cricket, he has no tounge so he basically eats all his food this way.
he lost his tounge around dec 20th when i believe he got it wrapped around a branch and then he bit it off. the vet didnt give him long but he has proved them wronge, and is such a little trooper. man i love him:D

hope this works


yea eating is a big deal for us LOL


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Camo looks great! He's doing fantastic. One of the L & C babies lost her tongue. I hope she will do as well as Camo.


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Seriously, that was one of the coolest things I have seen in a long time. I love the way you can just tell that he trusts you. Just great.


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I have a female panter that has her tongue and will let me just set food in her mouth like that! my son tries to do it but she won't let him. It's very very awsome to see other cham's that do it
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