Cammy possibly egg bound


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My cammy showed signs of maybe holding eggs about few weeks ago since then she had been up and down in into her digging box . Over last couple dys she has stopped eating and her eyes are sunken in a bit . She has not really dug much of a hole and just sits there as well as managing to pull her self up onto branch .i syringe her with calcium and water every day . Should i be trying her with baby food now not keen to eat . She does look very big . Is there a possibility she is egg bound .
She still is green a lot of time so seems happy but the eggs are taking so much from her .
Should i just set up a dig box and keep her in that with privacy or shall i get her to vets soon as ?


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Please post so.even photos of her and answer the questions in the how to ask for help thread in the health forum.
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