Camel aka cave crickets

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These are WC specimens collected from a wooded area. Cannot gaurantee pesticide free, however there are many insects in this area and dry remote. Pesticides is highly doubtful but again, WC feeders is always a risk.

Adult pairs - $10.00

Smaller sized nymphs (1/2 - 1 inches) 10 nymphs for $10.00.

These guys can live up to 2 years.

They like being in a dark room, temp anywhere from 67-77 degrees is fine.

You can feed them anything, they're scavengers.

They require a substrate to lay eggs. They like to be misted so most them once every couple days.

Please email me at [email protected].

Priority shipping is guaranteed live arrival given the temp remains between 60-85 degrees.

I take pay pal, money order and checks. No cash since that not safe shipping. Thanks

I will collect carpenter bees and other insects if you are interested, just ask! :)
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