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This is Calcifer. He's named after a character from Howl's Moving Castle. He's 1 month old today. We got him last week from Cleveland Reptile Show. Here are some pictures of him and his sire. Please let me know of the speed of the picture downloads, since I'm hosting them on my own webserver.

On a toothpick:

Swallowing action:


3 weeks old:


Thank you for looking.


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Holy smokes he is tiny! WOW!!! Very nice looking baby and great pictures. He looks like a proud daddy!! Great job!


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No I don't mind... $30 for the cham, $4 for the entrance fee of the show. He was 3 weeks old when I got him. I suggest getting at least 2-3 months old from the breeder. For veileds, this is when you start seeing their casque as a little bump.
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