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Ok just want some options before I do it. I have a cage that four feet high and 20 inches wide, do y'all think a four month old nosy be would do ok in it??? He's still pretty little plain on cup feeding
Your biggest concern would be on them falling and getting hurt. That's a pretty big cage. If your cup feeding I wouldn't worry about feeding issues too much, but I'd worry more about them getting hurt if they accidentally fall.

Not saying it wont work though.
Every Juvenile I have had over 3 months I put directly into their adult cage, usually 2x2x4 for the Panthers.

I think you are fine, especially if he cup feeds.
Well, you can do that, I mean, just put the little one in the adult cage and let him grow into it. It depends on how the cham acts, and if he/she is catching their prey okay without letting a bunch fall to the floor and die.

A juvie should do alright I would think, but a baby will need a small cage if the prey items are very small.
Otherwise, the baby will not find the prey before they hit the cage floor and drown from the dripper/sprayer water.

If your little one is aggressive, he/she may do okay in a large cage.

My little Smidget is in a small cage because he is so little, and I am feeding him very small crickets.
Hey Tracy, The trick to putting a little one in a big cage is making sure he has plenty of varying diameter branches to get to all corners of the cage and can easily climb off the screen to a branch no matter where he is. If you have a cluster of branches in the middle of the cage, a foot from all sides and the top, you will end up with a chameleon that spends all his time climbing the screen and has potential for him to fall. Just make sure he can easily get to feeders as they climb the sides from anywhere in the cage and he should do fine in an adult cage. As he grows, start removing branches to make it easier for him to move about. Hope this helps.JMO
Thanks everyone yea he is aggressive so I'm hoping a bigger cage will help him he seems to like it I guess lol only thing I see is I need to make a spot from him to get closer to the UVB light ill post pic and y'all tell me what you think
I added to my cage Tracy. It's now 36-18-58 ImageUploadedByTapatalk1368324198.234762.jpg ImageUploadedByTapatalk1368324232.205403.jpg I need more plants.. I'm getting 2 pothos for the top.
Yeah. I have Lilly and Rex in it. I have tons of foliage for them to hide. And not see each other. Lilly usually stays in the middle and Rex goes to the top so should work until I get a 260 gal reptarium for Rex.
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