cage upgrade anyone need a use cage???


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i live in los angeles, ca... just bought a new cage thats a little bigger. it is 16x16x20 reptibreeze bought it for $70...if you want it i'll clean it for you with bleach... asking $40. i only used one side of the bottom, that sides a little stain for the potted plant i had in it and the other sides never used... my chameleon has no worms or anything like that.. good for a 2-5 month old..let me know

contact me at- [email protected] or 310-658-4059
I was thinking about getting one... but 40 seems a bit high dont you think?
I saw new ones on amazon for 46 bucks
why dont you just keep it incase you get another one in the future or use it as a backup when you have to clean out the bigger one...
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