cage remodel

these pictures don't really do it justice because you cant see all the branches due to the lighting
but I am half way through, just need another 50 feet of vine, various branches, 3-5 hanging plants and a new feeder cup (i threw the one you see in the pictures together in a few minutes so he could eat) you cant see it very well however my boyfriend actually made a light stand for the top of the cage, he also bought the boys a mist king! which is the best investment ever, it works like a charm! :D:D:D


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nope! it is commercial grade nylon, can stand up to 350 F so you can even put your light on it or heat emitters and you are fine. its a pretty nifty cage made by apogee- its called a 260 gal reptarium. Some people dislike them because they are fabric and do have a bit of give. which you can simply eliminate by zip tying the mesh to the frame. Its a fraction of the price of what a metal mesh cages run for and it will not rust. Plus my guy has issues with rubbing when he sheds as do a lot of chameleons and since it is nylon and the mesh is so fine that it will not hurt him at all.
and the bamboo background can be found at fred meyers for a whopping 15$ its an accordion style deal so it can actually stretch up to 8-9 feet tall and a few feet wide. I just pulled it out to the size of the cage and fastened it on the back. he loves climbing on it and it allows flow of air. I strongly suggest it to anyone who has a large enclosure
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