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a cage that ive built is 42 inches tall 24 deep and 30 across and i just wanted to know if this will be plenty for a full grown male veiled because iam thinking about going bigger but cant decide suggestions please
Yes, it should be enough. I like to see them in bigger ones personally. The deciding factor of what you do will probably be money. The bigger you go the harder it is to keep humidity up. You will probably have to munipulate a humidifier. A misting kit would probably be in order when you go bigger then what you already have. Depending on the size you may have to provide two basking spots. It is hard to get a big cage well lit to. If you did anything to make it bigger, taller would probably be the best way to go. Again that is just a personal thing I have with cage sizing. That is more then adaquite sizing recommended by alot of reputable chameleon keepers.
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ya i agree with what you said and the money does play a big role but maybe in the future there will be a bigger cage for my cham hopefully. Right now iam setting up some adjustments to it like a drainage system and some supports so it doesnt woble when i open it.If there is any cool ideas that you have done to your cages i would like to hear about them.
I am in the process of building my females cage. If I ever get done I will post some pictures.
I am personaly designing (what I think would be a perfect) cage. One thing that worked well for me on the cage I built 8 years ago, that i am still using with a few modifications is a solid back, and top. I have the front, and 2 sides screened. I have found I get decent Air flow, and it is a little easyer to maintain heat, and humidity. I guess it is more of the "European" design from what I have heard? But it works for me.

I made the front out of 1x2 for the frame and the door, I made a frame for the top out of 1x2 also. I then used 1/2" CDX plywood for the sides, back, and bottom. Cut out square windows (holes) in the sides for the screen to go. I left about 2 1/2" to 3" from the edge of the cage to the start of the cut for attaching the screen. The size of the windows that I screened is about 18"x36" on the sides. The door is 36" tall by 20" wide. The total cage size is 24"L24"D48"High. Hope this helps you out. I will try and get pictures.

I plan on making a new cage this winter. When I originally made this cage I put the lights internally, which will be a problem in the future when my Veiled gets full grown, as he will be able to reach the lights. So I plan on taking a similar design and making it with the lights hidden in a panel on the top, but not in the cage. Running the mist system internally so you cant see it, etc.

I will post design pics in my gallerie. The top ten inches is for hiding the lights, so there will be screen across the top of the cage at the 48" mark from the bottom.

I have the design pics I am working on for my next cage in my galerie, If you have any questions, PM me and I will try and explain my design the best I can.

On my current cage I have 1/8" Hardware cloth, I am debating whether to step up to 1/4 inch for the new one in that he will be an adult. I would have to see if Crickets can escape through 1/4". If they can I will use 1/8" again.

oh have you had any problems with him climbing on the screen and getting his feet cut i heard hardware cloth does that
Never had a problem with him climbing on the sides. I have 2 Ficus Trees, and a Hibiscus Tree in the cage along with Biovines and stuff like that. I guess he really doesnt need to climb the sides. Never even seen him on the screen, just in the trees, and Branches.

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