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I have been in the market for a panther chameleon, preferably a Nosy Be or a Sambava.

My local shop has a 11 month old Sambava that is very tame and colorful.

My question is, i was looking for a 3-4 month old chameleon so i could have the feeling of raising the Chameleon and get him used to me. Is purchasing a 11 month old sub adult panther a normal thing? i feel like i dont hear about that too often. my only worry was buying an older panther they may already have habits, food preferences etc..

Let me know your thoughts!

No one can give a straight answer because all chams are different. You will just have to use your best judgement. No matter what the first few weeks he may be crabby because its a new home for him. If you want a younger panther and you are in the US many of the site members and sponsors have them for sale.
I would not worry too much about habits or food preferences. He will adapt to how you keep him and feed him. I would be more concerned about how it has been kept its 11 months of life. If he was kept with poor lighting or improper gutloading/supplementation etc you might be in for some health issues. If his eyes are nice and bright with full round turrets, full pads on top of his head, nice strong grip and eating well with no obvious tongue issues (aim, distance) he is probably fine. The reason most people do not purchase an 11 month old panther is price. You can add $200 to the cost of a panther between the ages of 3 months to 11 months in most cases. Good luck and post pics when you do get one.
One other thought to consider is: Could he be Wild Caught?
WC brings you challenges of Parasites and unsure lineage.

I think you might want to find a breeder you can buy from and give yourself the best chance of success on your first Cham.

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