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I have a jackson chameleon (male, age around 7 months) and he seems to prefer any other food but crickets. He loves worms (even though they're only supposed to be for treats)
I was wondering if dubia roaches could be an ok substitute for crickets. I would definitely not be completely stopping his diet of crickets. But it's been hard to get him to eat them. So maybe if he didnt feel like eating crickets, I could give him the roaches instead? Just to get more food in him.
There's no other problems with him besides him not always wanting crickets. He'll eat them, but not always. He absolutely goes crazy over worms. As soon as I drop one near him he devours it. But, the worms are definitely not good enough to be a regular diet for him.
So, would the roaches work??
Almost all reptiles amphibians, fish, and inverts eat dubia roaches! Their sizes range,they’re great nutritional value for both nocturnal and diurnal reptiles, the ease of breeding them makes Dubia roaches a great choice for all reptiles. Small adjustments are needed to provide the best and safest yes they would work great for your chameleon


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Dubia and roaches in general are a good addition, many use them instead of crickets as they are easy to breed and generally easier to keep. Not all chams like them, although some can be convinced if you dont mind tough love at first. @jamest0o0 is the resident roach guy - hit him up!


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Definitely easy to breed & keep and they love to eat so you can gut load them for days. My cham loved them as a baby but not so much now that he's a year old, he pretty much refuses anything with legs. I am working on getting him back on them.


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Dubia are great but sometimes hard to get the cham on them because they tend to remain still and don't move around enough to draw thier attention.
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