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  1. jamest0o0

    jamest0o0 Avid Member

    Anyone know where to get them these days? They're extremely nutritious and my chams loved them :(
  2. nightanole

    nightanole Avid Member

    not all of us are americonos on the coast. What is your location?
  3. GregJD

    GregJD Member

    georgiacrickets.com I love these guys. I've had 1 problem and they fixed it right away.
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  4. jamest0o0

    jamest0o0 Avid Member

    haha fair enough, I'm in PA (Northeast).
  5. kelly_girl199

    kelly_girl199 Avid Member

    Elliots butterworms
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  6. bobbydigital

    bobbydigital Member

    Have you ever had the problem with discoloration? I've seen a few threads about it being caused by the butter worms so I'm hesitant to get them for my cham again. I would say elliots butterworms, good prices and free shipping.
  7. jamest0o0

    jamest0o0 Avid Member

    Have an order placed for elliots :)

    And no i haven't noticed anything, i'm unaware of this? I have heard some chams are allergic, but i haven't noticed anything wrong.

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