Butterflys and bees


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Hi guys i have a bush in my yard ,(the kind the butterflys go to) and was wondering if i could put my cham in there in the summertime to eat the butterflys, and probaly may encounter a bee or two.Was wondering if these were harmfull for him
I would be very concerned that your Cham might get ahold of something toxic. Bees have stingers and you wouldn't want to have one sting your Cham. And there is always a chance of parasites from wild insects. I would stick to something that you know would be safe.
Most butterflies are perfect for chams. Stay clear of the monarchs. I wouldnt feed bees without removing stingers first. I feed wc bugs from a safe pesticide free area. Have so for years and never encountered parsites from wc bugs. In fact the benefits of feeding wc fare far outweigh the negatives. Most of the long time keepers feed some wc insects during the spring and summer months.
...after I catch a couple of bees, place them in the fridge till they dont move, but are not dead, turn them wings down and cut the stings with a razor blade. Then as they warm up and begin to move I feed them to my chams...works all the time!
anytime i see a bee while my lil buddy is basking i freak out..i had a VERY unique female jacksons like 4 months old die from snatching a bee and it stinging her mouth..it was horrible(i wasent there to see it but i saw the bee on the ground, since then im right next to my cham outside at ALL times)..ps when i mean unique, she was white and red as her chill colors..the most incredible colors on a jacksons i have ever seen!! r.i.p. scooby
Be very careful of butterflies. Many of them feed on toxic plants. What kind of bush is it?
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