Burn is doing better... How long to heal ?


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This burn is healing very nicely ... Still looking bad I suppose ... How long do burns take to heal ?


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As long as you wash your hands up to your elbows and then use a sterile qtip to apply neo poly bac or silvadene cream it should heal fine. They are slow healing animals so don't expect it to only be a week. It could take a month maybe longer just depending on their water and food intake. I suggest feeding them mostly silkworms for the next month. They will help the healing process!


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Thanks, I'm taking the best care of it I can.. It was opened at one point, my fiancé moved his basking light on me a while ago so when he needed to bask he was too close.. It looks a lot better now. Ill try grabbing him up some silkworms ... They don't move enough for him so he usually ignores them lol... Ate a hornworm today


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This burn is healing very nicely ... Still looking bad I suppose ... How long do burns take to heal ?

Popeye had a burn about 20 months ago on his belly. He was treated with antibiotics and Flamazine and it is well healed now but there is still two marks there to remind me what a bad mum I was.:(

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typically most thermal burns will granulate and scar in within 3-6 months, depending on severity and depth. as long as there is "fresh tissue" present topical meds should still be used, however once it's scarred down they can be stopped shortly after.

also, scabs act as shields against the medicine. I know most moms tell their kids not to pick their scabs, but I'm telling you differently. any loose part of a scab that has lifted away from the underlying dermis can be crumbled off, do NOT do this if its still tightly adhered. however by getting rid of the (now useless) lifted part of the scab any topical meds will penetrate much more easily into the area of concern and speed up healing.



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Thanks everyone... It was an honest mistake.. I was at work all day so mom came home to a dad boo boo ... Lol, but I can touch it and he shows no pain or noticing of me doing so... Ill keep you all posted


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There are findings that the bacteria in the gut of silk worms produces serrapeptase, which has been shown to have pain relieving and anti inflammatory effects now I'm not sure the dosage needed to reach a therapeutic level, but they are nutritious and it sure can't hurt.
I also speak from personal experience.
My veileds aggressive shedding led to rubbing which resulted in a minor abbarsion and then an abscess. The healing process seemed abnormally slow even with antibiotics and topical cream. So I decided to do research and came across an article posted on chameleon news and decided to follow suit and ever since then his healing time has sped up and even my vet complimented me on the progress. Obviously having an abscess surgically removed is different than a burn however I also had large 3rd degree burns on my own body and know that when I changed my diet to ensure fast and proper healing it helped..
I also understand humans and chameleons are not the same however, it seemed like a plausible solution.
I did not take the time earlier to give as reason as to why because I was at work in a break. I apologize for the confusion.
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