Building Trust


So my panther chameleon, Diego has been in my care for a week now. Everyday I have been trying to get him to eat from my hand to help build trust between us. Today was the first time he didnt scurry away when I opened the door and he ate a cricket from my hand !! Super exciting & just thought Id share!! If anybody else has built a relationship of trust w/ their chameleon feel free to share stories!
Nice! My female will eat just about anything from my hand. My male thinks I’m the devil, though, and will rarely even eat in front of me. ‍♀️
god, my cham hates hands!!! ive been hand feeding for at least 4 months now and tong feeding for 6 and because he was a rescue he just doesnt trust me, it comes with rescuing tho, and veileds, they're grumps!!
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