Building an enclosure

I am in the process of building an XL chameleon enclosure, either entirely from scratch, or by modifying a shelf unit, chicken coops, China cabinet, etc.
I have been leaning more toward building own from scratch, as I already have 4, 7ft tall wood posts (from an old bed set) and plan on using plexiglass or another clear strong material for the front panel, mesh for the 2 sides, and wood as the back panel so I can construct a custom wall with "great stuff" foam, likely including multiple pots like many crafters do. I may make one side wood as well so I an make a side ledge, but make the top 1ft mesh to help with air flow.
I am working on the concept sketches but will post them soon.

However, I came across this just now and thought it was pretty great, I would still modify the back wall, or maybe i will use this as the outside enclosure (i live in the south of USA so it's nice sunny and humid here March - Halloween)

Any suggestions or advice? Things i need to run away from, sealants or woods i should avoid entirely,

I will say the bed posts I have are cedar, they are very old though and stopped giving off an aroma over a decade ago, they also would not come in direct contact with chameleon, the cage will be constructed in a way that the wood posts act more like a foundation/support system. And I plan on using multiple layers of sealant as well.

As for the back wall, what wood would yall suggest?

This is what I thought would make a good outside hangout, or even full time after a few modifications

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I make all mine out of red wood and pine 1" × 1/2" slats stapled together with 2" staples to a 1 × 4 base. Screen across all sides and top, takes me 1/2 a day to construct, I can show you a picture if you would like!
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