building a cage wat kinda screen to use

The softer screen at the hardware stores can be chewed through by crickets...


I have nylon screen and I let my crickets loose, I've never had one chew through.

To the OP
Regardless crickets should only be a staple feeder, you should use silkies, horn worms, roaches, snails, mantis, moth, dragonfly, stick bugs. You can buy silkies by the hundreds for a good price and they are surely one of the best feeders


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I have used both aluminum and pet screen for custom cages. Pet screen is PVC coated nylon and is nearly indestructible. It also saves adult chameleons nails from being damaged when climbing the screen. Either one can be installed into aluminum rail with the correct size spline. IMO the commercially available screen cages are good enough and cost less for the time and material it takes to make one. (lll reptile is my favorite cage type)
It is a fun project though. Good luck.
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