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So I have had some BSFL for over a month now and they just will not turn into flies!! What am I doing wrong? they are at room temperature and they are all still alive, they are in some organic mixture and I put a slice of apple or mango in every now and then and they strip it down to the peel but they won't pupate, I threw a few of them in my bioactive enclosure as well hoping they would burrow around and eventually pupate but nothing! I am confused.


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just went thru the same thing. had em in a container for almost 6 weeks. warmer the better. mine were at room tmep. but they did turn! either hang in there or move them to a warmer spot. and by the way my cham loved em!!!


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I throw the darker ones in, especially if they are dark and hardening up. My guys won't touch the black ones, even if they are wiggling... supposedly the darker ones have higher calcium.

It took about 2 weeks for flies to start emerging from the hard casing. (a bunch emerged the same day, like they synced up!)
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