BSFL long term storage


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Just thought I would share this info On April 1st, I put BSFL (aka phoenix worms, black soldier fly larvae, calci worms, repti worms) in my wine fridge set at 56 degrees. I have been using feeders from the cups for 6 months. As of today (6 months later), the larvae are still alive and able to pupate. Though the most recent to pupate (removed from fridge last night) had some flies with deformed wings so I am guessing that 6 months is just about the extent of how long they can keep.

To me, this makes it worth while to spend $60 on a wine fridge so I can order a few thousand at a time to save money.


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What wine fridge are you using? The counter top one? Can you put all the soft worms in it?
I keep my butterworms, bsfl, and on occasion, hornworms, in a wine fridge until I take them out to gutload then feed them off
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