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I'm currently looking to add BSF larvae and flies to Kyles diet to add a bit more variety along with his normal crickets, supers, dubia roaches and the occasional hornworm. In the past I have only been able to get them in small quantities every so often but now a local pet shop has been getting them in and the owner said he would cut me a deal if I buy in bulk since he pre-packages them in containers of 10-20.

This leads to my question. What is the best way to store these? I was planning on grabbing 500 to start which would last quite a while between Kyle, my tarantulas, and leopard gecko.

Any tips on keeping these is much appreciated!

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I use a 2 foot long 8 inch wide 10 inch tall tupperware container, drilled micro holes in the lid, got coconut coir brick, broke a piece off, crushed it, dumped a bit of water on it, so it's damp and covers 3 inches up from the bottom dumped them in it put a few carrots, and a piece of mango in it then put the lid on it, I got 1000 though, the coconut coir lasts a long time, I've had my same for 7 months and it doesn't smell, when you switch it out it is the best compost for plants!!! I also keep them next to my chams 86° days 70° nights, they are voracious eaters, when they eat all the food, put more in there, at my temps, after 3 weeks they start to pupate, every few days I get flys, my chams go crazy for the flys!!
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