Brookesia superciliaris


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I just ordered a pair of Brookesia superciliaris, and would welcome advice and pictures of vivaria from anyone with experience with this species. I have kept and bred R. brevicaudatus, and therefore comparative information would be extremely helpful.

Historically, I have bred panthers and quads, as well as R. brevs in a small vivarium. But due to a job change and a move to smaller apartment in Los Angeles, I am going to focus on small species which I can keep in ExoTerra-style vivaria. I have now 3.2 R. acuminatus, and plan to purchase a trio of R. brevs. So far, the care of R. acuminatus seems to be similar to brevs. But I assume that I will encounter differences with Brookesia species.

Any advice? Does anyone know of a reliable care sheet for superciliaris?

Thank you.
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