Brookesia perarmata?

Brookesia perarmata is the only chameleon species on CITES Appendix I because they were deemed so vulnerable to extinction. Parsonii will probably be the next....
They were added to CITES I in 2003, and there are very few, if any, left in captivity. One person on this forum used to have a pair, but that was a couple years ago. This species is a prime example of the reason why breeding groups of chameleons need to be established in captivity. There was a time when this species was commonly imported.. kind of like the r. brevicadautus. Makes you wonder what would happen if all chameleon imports were closed down. Which species would survive as CB, and which ones would quickly disappear from the hobby? Although I am completely guilty of purchasing WC animals, I do believe that it would be in the best interest of chameleons to close down hobby imports.

thank you everyone for the feed back. Thats too bad that they were taken at such large numbers. they really look cool.
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