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So about 8 months ago I purchase some Brookesia brygooi from a local reptile store. I assume these to be wild caught. I have been curious as to if these have been labeled correctly. I have been attempting to find out research regarding how to properly identify the sex of the two that I have. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Dislcaimer: these two are quite secretive if I am currently not feeding them anything, so they are showing signs of stress when outside of their enclosure. The two were out of their enclosure for about 30 seconds to a minute total for photography purposes only.

Please only assist if you are confident in identifying this species and how to properly sex them.

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Chris Anderson

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These are Brookesia decaryi. For the last few years this species has been being exported as Brookesia brygooi despite the fact that this is an endangered species with a zero export quota. Recently, US FWS appears to have gotten wise to it and has started confiscating shipments of them. Your two appear to be two males. I currently have a group of 4.6 split into 4 different setups and am hoping I can get them to breed.



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Thank you so much for you great input Chris! I had a feeling the species they were being sold as wasn't accurate from the information I was reading about mislabeling. As happy as I am to have this species, it's unfortunate to hear that they are endangered in their habitat. It's great to hear that you are working on breeding efforts for their species in captivity!

Do you have any suggestions or inputs on their care?
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