Broken Hygrometer? Huge humidity swings


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Hey guys!

This post is regarding a new crested gecko enclosure I have, but I thought the equipment would be the same. =) If not, I can totally post in the "other pets" section!

My concern is over a new hygrometer/temperature reader I bought from groveland geckos.

I've had this equipment for 5 days now. for the first 3 it was giving consistent readings (99%-55-60% by the end of the day, 99%-80% from night until morning), but the last 36 hours i'm starting to question it. All day today, it's had wild humidity readings (99%-02%(??)- 99%-70%-50%-65%-80%-75%) and fairly consistent temperature readings, fluctuaring by 2-3 degrees throughout the day. Does humidity often go up and down this drastically during the day? I woke up this morning and the hygrometer, unnaturally, read 46%!! I freaked out and sprayed down the cage as that is WAY too low, especially after a spray down the night before. I think it was somewhat accurate, because my poor juvenile crestie, for the first time, went to the bottom of his enclosure to sleep for the day. He's been pretty active since I got him and the breeder is very reputable, so I doubt he is sick. He's been drinking water off the glass, MIGHT have eaten some dusted crickets I put in the second night, but hasn't touched his pangea yet.

Tank specs:
12x12x18 planted exoterra
small CFL bulb 10 hrs a day for light + additional heat
false bottom water up 1/2" an inch, cage misted 2x daily with room temp water (low 60s, likely).
1/4 of screen top covered with plastic; light placed directly over screen with 1.5" free space on either side.

Mainly i'm concerned because I don't want a broken reader to cause me to increase or attempt to descrease humidity and cause swings in conditions he's still trying to acclimate to. I've ordered a temperature gun, a temp controller for the heat mat I also bought (so he's not dealing with mid 60's night temps) so hopefully those will help. :(

Thanks everyone for your assistance! This seems like the only active reptile forum I could find on the web.


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My hygrometer/thermometer combos tend to get ridiculous hygrometer readings when the battery is low. That would be odd for you since yours is new. The thermometer stays reliable on the low battery for some reason.
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