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I went to feed my Cham and she was this bright green color I don’t think I have seen. She’s a lil over a year and I’m waiting on her first clutch of eggs. Any signs I should look for?


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Things to look forregarding egglaying...
The female should take on gravid colours...dark background with bright blue dots and mustardy yellow splotches. (She may not keep the colours all the time.)

As the day to lay nears she will likely roam the cage, may drink more than usual, should get fatter (especially the back half of her), may bask more, may eat less. Even closer to the day she should dig a hole...she may even dig several test holes but should select one and dig it until she's happy with it. (Once she starts digging, don't let her see you watching her dig. It will make her abandon the hole. If it happens too often she could become eggbound.) Finally, she should turn around butt down in the hole...likely near evening and lay the eggs. It may take a few hours or she may even stay in the hole overnight. When she's done she should fill the hole in and tamp it down and return to the tree branches, hungry, thirsty, tired and thin.

If it doesn't go like this she may be eggbound...and that's an emergency.

Gravid/non receptive coloration...
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