okay, well ive had a male ambilobe for a few months now.he is about 15'' and most definanly wants to breed(he is 7 months old). The problem is i have 2 females one of wich is not in season, the other is 5-5 & 1/2 months old.

Question is how old or how big does this female need to be to breed, and what signs will they show?
Hey welcome to the forums. Im not an expert or anything, but I think a female will be ready when she is around 1 year or older. She will turn a pinkish color as shown here


And when shes not ready she will show gravid colors as shown here


pics are from this link

But as I said earlier, I am no expert. Just do a search on the forums for now until someone that has better info posts :D
Also, you must remember that even though she may be able to breed beginning as early as 6 months, it is not good to breed her until she is larger and like Drake said, about a year old. Good luck:)
Yes, wait till she is at least a year... 60ish grams....

In most cases, the panther female won't necessarily change her color to show she is receptive, she just doesn't change to show she is not..... Make sense?
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