Breeding with MBD?


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I have recently adopted a male veiled a little over a year old. The last owner unfortunately had him in very poor health and he is suffering from MBD. I take him outside daily and give him plenty of vitamins, but I fear that he won't recover fully. Anyway, I also have a very healthy female veiled just over a year old. She has not laid any clutches so far but her belly seems to be swelling, so I think she may lay her first infertile clutch soon. My question is this; would it be bad to breed these two knowing the male has MBD? This is just a question for future reference to someone with a little more experience. Would the babies turn out ok? Thank you for reading!
I personally wouldn't but mbd isn't a passed on condition really it happens once the animal is born but to be on the safe side I wouldn't breed him at all.
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