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Anyone have an easy technique for keeping, breeding and raising helix aspersa ? I was thinking of incorporating them into my chams’ diet, and ordered 20 adults. I know @jamest0o0 will have some advice for me.

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One good tip I heard a while back re: snails... I think it may have been James or snitz. An idea is to put a few of the eggs in the topsoil of a potted plant in your viv. Allow them to hatch out and possibly reproduce in there. They're cleaners and self reproducing. This will allow your cham the opportunity to see it as it would in the wild and is more likely to eat it... or at least that was my take away.

I had myself a nice 3rd gen of aspersa... until I dropped the container I had them in. I think they probably would have recovered, but I decided to scrap them for a different species. I haven't quite been able to pinpoint where to get the specific snail I want... other than south, and smooth bark trees.

Best of luck!
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