breeding project for sale 2 nosey b's and one female, sire bolt

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I got married and my husband is in the military and is being shipped off to germany for two years and I'm going with, It breaks my heart to sell these guys off because i was so excited to breed but its my only option as of right now.

I just started introducing my female to my male and his colors fire right up!
they are in outdoor cages for most of the week they love this weather!

one male nosey be sire nihlus from kammerflage < year old 275$ alone

one female nosey be sire elrohir from kammerflage < about a year old 275$ alone

both showing beautiful colors

one female sire bolt from screameleons 7 months old 275$ alone

if you buy them all together its 550$

another 75 for shipping, overnight. of course.

I've spent so much time and effort on these guys I hate to see them go but with moving they must go

email [email protected] for pictures of desired cham.

hope to here for you soon!!

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