Breeding Age?


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I believe my male veilVe is only about 5 or six months old. Today my daughter showed him a plastic toy chameleon that resembles a female. She left it on a branch on his outdoor tree and when I put him on the tree later I forgot about the toy but he perked up and ran to it .he mounted it but realized it was fake. My question is that isn't he a bit too young for this behavior?
You should name him quagmire. *giggity*

They have a short life span, if I were a male chameleon i would also grab every opportunity I get to get jiggy with it.

But ya, he's probably a bit of an early bloomer, but it's not unheard of.
Hope you washed it before giving it back to your daughter!

I did don't worry. He didn't get far with it since he noticed it was fake his male parts didn't even come out.

Maybe he's a little older then I though but I bought him in July and the store told me he was 3 or 4 months then. I think he is about 6 months since he is just now starting to get some yellows on him. Seems like 6 months is when most chams start to get colorful.
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