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Hello cham people, its been a while since I've been here and I hope everyone is doing well. =)

I recently moved to new york and my previous cham went to a close friend before I moved. I've missed having my buddy around and I'm in the market for another chameleon.

I've tried contacting tree candy chameleons and kammerflage for some chameleons I'm interested in but no reply. I'm sure they are just super busy and haven't gotten back to me yet they have really good reviews. I contacted them via email + facebook. Any previous buyers contact them through phone? Lmk =)
I'll post a picture of butthead to see if anyone remembers him, hes from Clark


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All my chams are from Kammerflage. You can call yes. Email also. Tree Candy to my knowledge is currently sold out. I was looking for a purple ambanja lol.
Just keep trying. Reptile shows and this is super busy season. Try Instagram for Kammerflage. Good luck
I also have some babies I am selling with direct bloodlines to Kammerflage. I have males and females 4 months old. Sire is Ambanja/ ambilobe he’s in my media on my page and mom is pure noseybe. Just throwing it out there.


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