Breeders in California?


Hello! I am located in the Bay Area in California and am looking to get my first Panther chameleon in the next year or so. So far I have heard of Chameleon Paradise and CB Reptiles. I was wondering, has anyone had any experience with any of these breeders? Also, what breeders do you recommend in California? Thanks!


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STAY AWAY FROM CB REPTILE! I bought from them.1st one died, 2nd one is my current one, which i was forced to get in order to not lose my money. I was fortunate enough to get a male and pretty decent coloring. Others dont get so lucky. Not to mention, you cannot see the chameleon you buy.


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I got my cham from a breeder from The reptile expo. He is out in Sacramento. I could look up his info if u want
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