Break in


Hey Y'all,

Two nights ago my clinic was broken into. The window broken was into my office. Unfortunately it was one of the coldest nights so far. I figure that Manga was exposed to 30 degree temps for about 2 hours max (based on the security alarm.)

He was a little sluggish the first morning (still pissed from being removed from his cage while I cleaned up and boarded up the window). He warmed up as normal underneath his basking light. He seems to be eatting normally and as active as he usually is.

Does anyone forsee any problems due to the short "incremental weather?"


...And yes, Manga apparently saw the intruder. All I can get out of him though is a lot of muttering about no roaches, or crickets, or nothin...
Sorry to hear about the break in, Matthew. Manga will probably be alright. I had a problem last year with Spencer getting too cold, and I believe it led to a problem with his digestive system. He got pretty sick, but he was exposed to cold temperatures for longer than Manga was. After a couple months, it was finally decided he was sick because of bacteria in his stomach, but I believe the starting point was the cold temps.

I read a post once from someone who had a cham shipped in. The delivery guy left the box on the porch, and when it was found, the panther chameleon inside appeared dead. The owner warmed it up, and it came back to life. They are pretty resiliant critters.


Manga seems to be no worse for wear. Eatting, drinking, defecating normally. No evidence of upper respiratory or any abnormal signs.

Thanks for y'alls input.
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