BRADYPODION transvaalense, pumilum, thamnobates

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It kills me to have to do this, but I have to sell my beloved cb Bradypodion due to unforeseen circumstances.
They are all extremely healthy. All are eating 2 week old crickets, bean beetles and hydei ff.

Bradypodion transvaalense 900/pair or a 2.2 group for 1600.

Bradypodion pumilum 1300/pair or 2.1 for 1800

Bradypodion thamnobates (female only) 500

I think Ive posted enough pics of these over the last year for everyone to know what they look like and just how amazing they are! B. transvaalense and B. pumilum have some absolutely insane coloration and B. thamnobates get some very unique knobby scales on them that are extremely cool looking.

Please pm me with any questions. First come first serve, BUT I refuse to sell these to anyone that that doesnt plan on breeding them and that doesnt have a ton of chameleon experience.
Here are some pics I took of them today.

transvaalense male 1 (the whitish/grey parts wil turn jet black when they are adults)

I think this guy is gonna turn out almost pure orange and green with a black and white head!

transvaalense male 2

transvaalense female 1

transvaalense female 2

pumilum male 1 (the colors are so difficult to capture in pics, at least for me. Their colors are super bright pastel/neons, so I had to adjust the colors a bit to try and get them to more accurately portray their true colors in person)

This pic is the most accurate representation of their color

pumilum male 2

female thamnobates

They all have a bit of growing to do still!
$1500 for 2.2 transvaals, this is much less than I sell them for when I import them and they are much younger when they come in than this.

This is what the males will turn into in aprox 6 months time

This is how large the females will get when full grown

full grown female thamnobates

and an exceptionally beautiful female thamnobates (yes, it is a female)

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