Bradypodion Setaroi babies


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Well, everyone likes babies....

Tried to post this as a post on Eisentrauti's 'Born today' thread, as although I forgot to ask Benny when we collected them from him, pretty sure they're the same babies. If so, it would have been nice to have 'before and after' pics on the same thread....but for some reason, wouldn't allow posts, new threads etc on the bradypodion section by me. We collected 4 babies from Benny at Hamm in Germany in June.

They have almost exactly doubled in size in the 6 weeks that we have had them, although not too sure yet (no BIG boy hemi bulges to be seen !! lol) some of the colouring/ markings on 2 of the 4 look more male than female. Time will tell.

Benny, if you read this, they must be the most active, greedy babies I've ever come across! Credit to you on these crackers!


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