Boy or girl, also unsure of age


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Hello and welcome to the forum. You have a handsome cham there! I have read thru most of this post and you are getting the best expert husbandry advice from Beman. those dark spots are part of his coloring and he is telling you he is upset. After a while, you will begin to learn what pattens or colors mean. Black poka dots usually mean pissed off with my boy. The size of the casque tells me your boy has some growing to do. Full grown is about a year for veileds. With each shed you will see color changes so dont be alarmed. they are dry shedders and if your cage is set up proper and your supplements are correct you should not have to help with that at all. one of mt veileds agressively rubs his eyes on anything so when his eyes shed i blow gently and try toget off whatever is driving him nuts so he wont hurt himaelf, the other doesnt do that so i leave him be. Before they shed the skin gets whitesh and dull for the area that is getting ready to lift off. Standing on the back legs. He was checking out his cage. In the wild they do this and wave their arms to get to another branch by bending the branch they areon. The morning ritual of your cham maybe alarming. They tend to open their mouths very wide and twist their bodies. This is normal so dont be alarmed. As they get to maturity their eatiing frequency changes sodont be alarmed if he diesnt eat every day. They need to hunt and i suggest crickets or dubias. I also put fresh greens in every other day. Collard greens are the most beneficial and keep well in the frig. But any green lettuce or herb will work. also i suggest sealing the back panel and maybee one side panel with vinyl like a showrr curtain, tape it right to the cage. That way you can hand mist without the worry of water getting to the plugs. It also will help bring the humidity up. Chameleons are amazing creatures so welcome to the world of chameleons.
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